Wading Pool Details To Assess For Your Inflatable Water Slide

Few things can be more fun and refreshing on a hot day than renting an inflatable water slide for your kids to enjoy. You can expect that your kids, their friends, and your neighbors will all have fun descending the slide and then climbing back up to do it again over and over throughout the day. When you're renting this structure, you'll see many models that are equipped with a wading pool at the base. This feature can be fun for the children as they slide, and parents may occasionally enjoy putting their feet in it to cool down. Here are some wading pool details to assess when you rent an inflatable water slide.

Square Footage 

When you look at different water slides that feature wading pools, you'll often see information about the square footage of the wading pool. You'll need to think about a couple of things. You want to ensure that the size of the wading pool has a footprint that is suitable for your yard, especially if your yard is small. Generally, it's ideal if there's ample room for kids to run around the perimeter of the entire structure. You should also think about how many children will be present. In general, the more kids who will be using the water slide, the larger the wading pool should be.


Wading pools that are affixed to the bottom of inflatable water slides are available in many different depths. The age of the children who will be using the slide will influence what depth you choose. If you're renting a small slide for young children, a shallow wading pool will likely be adequate. In the case of renting the structure for older kids, you'll likely favor a deeper wading pool. It can not only provide more of a cushion when kids land in it, but it can also offer more fun for lying around and splashing.


Although the shape of the wading pool might not be quite as important as its size and depth, this is also something to consider. You'll typically see a few different wading pool shapes. Some are rectangular, others are round, and other shapes may also be available. Certain shapes can work well for various games. If you think the kids will get a soccer ball and have an impromptu game in the wading pool, a rectangular pool shape will be ideal because it mimics the shape of a soccer field.

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