Props For The Big Day: How Wedding Equipment Rentals Can Elevate Your Nuptials

Planning your wedding can easily get overwhelming at times. Thankfully, wedding equipment rentals take the hard work out of the equation and allow you to simply shop for what catches your eye. Here are just three examples of wedding equipment you can rent for your big day and how it will make memories never to be forgotten!

Intimate Gazebos

Gazebos and chuppahs make for a memorable and intimate setting in which the betrothed couple will exchange their vows. After all, the exchanging of vows will be the singular most important moment of the wedding itself, marking the moment that the couple vows their loyalty and love to one another. When choosing a gazebo for your upcoming wedding, consider a few factors first. First, the size of the gazebo itself will be very important. Are you looking for a large, bold presentation or a more humble and quaint feel? How ornate would you like your gazebo or chuppah to look? And finally, deciding on the perfect location for your vows to take place will help you get a clear visualization of what your big day will look like. 

Romantic Lighting

Lighting is everything. It can instantly transform a space into something edgy, romantic, mellow, or vibrant. The possibilities are truly endless! From candle stands to chandeliers, your wedding rental company will offer you plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect lighting for your big day. Again, consider the overall theme of your wedding. Are you going for a rustic, country-inspired feel? Then perhaps a generous amount of beeswax candles will set the perfect mood with a soft, flickering glow over your wedding party. Or maybe you'd prefer a chic, elegant look that is reminiscent of Old Hollywood glam! A stunning chandelier complete with crystals will simply dazzle your guests!

Spectacular Backdrops

Choosing the right backdrops for your wedding day will go far in several ways. For one, they will provide a background for the ceremony itself. From ivy-covered walls to floral arrangements, these backdrops will help set the overall mood of your wedding day and activate the atmosphere you're going for. Whether you want romantic or minimalistic, there are backdrops for every style and preference. Secondly, your backdrops will also serve as ways your guests can take pictures of themselves and the wedding party for keepsakes! Having a fun backdrop filled with vibrant flowers, for example, is a great setting for your guests to capture their happiness on your big day.

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