What To Look For When Selecting A Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue helps set the tone for the evening since you'll be spending the majority of the night there celebrating. With there being so many options available you'll need to eventually narrow down your selection to the venue that is perfect for your wedding. Here are several things to look for when selecting a wedding venue. 


The first thing to look for is if the venue is going to support your potential guest count. While you don't know exactly how many people will attend, you have a general idea based on how many people you are inviting. It's important to prepare for a situation where all of those people attend by selecting a venue that has that maximum capacity. You can always reduce the number of tables, but you can't fit more in the space if there is no room.


Consider the flow of the wedding venue and how it is going to work for your reception. Is there adequate room for dancing during the night? Will there be a place for the head table to sit and overlook the venue? Is there a place to socialize outside of the main area where the music isn't playing? While everyone has their own needs for the layout of their venue, make a list of things that you need to have to ensure it works for you.


You may have found the perfect wedding venue, but is it accessible to all your guests? Consider how far guests will have to travel from the location of the ceremony since you don't want them traveling too far to get to the reception. If you have guests coming from out of town, you'll have to consider if there is a place nearby for them to stay after the reception. People will be heading home late, and you don't want guests to have a long drive back to get a good night's sleep.


Every wedding venue is different when it comes to the amenities that they offer. Are you looking for a bridal suite so that you can get ready and freshen up during the reception? Maybe you want to have a projector to play a slideshow during the night? Think about what amenities are going to make the reception an enjoyable experience, which can be different for everyone. 


It's important for you to be able to personalize the space for your wedding. Ask the venue what you are allowed to do to the space to make it unique. This includes decorations that you bring in, furniture arrangements, and even options for catering and music.

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